Who is Civitan?

Civitan International was founded in 1917 in Birmingham, Alabama. It's an association of over 1,000 community service clubs with 40,000 members.

We are dedicated to building good citizenship by providing a volunteer organization of clubs serving individual and community needs with an emphasis on helping people with developmental disabilities.

The name 'Civitan' is derived from Latin 'Civitas' or 'Citizen'.

While individual clubs are free to pursue their own projects, on an international level Civitan is focused on service to the developmentally disabled.

In 1990, the Civitan International Research Center was established on the campus of the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a $20 million grant from the Civitan International Foundation. The Civitan International Research Center was the first institution of its kind to be focused solely on the research of developmental disabilities. Medical professionals from all over the world also come to the Center for training on developmental disabilities.

Civitan has chapters in 28 countries including 31 Civitan Clubs in Canada.

Leaders who have been proud to call themselves Civitans have included:

  • Thomas Edison
  • U.S. Presidents: Calvin Coolidge, Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy & Bill Clinton
  • Auto Racer Richard Petty
  • NFL Quarterback, Kurt Warner

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